The Argenta Child Theme

First of all, what is a Child Theme?

A Child Theme is a theme that inherits the functionality and styling of another theme, called the parent theme. Child themes are the recommended way of modifying an existing theme.

What is the point of using a Child Theme?

§  If you modify a theme directly and it is updated, then your modifications may be lost. By using a child theme you will ensure that your modifications are preserved.

§  Using a child theme can speed up development time.

§  Using a child theme is a great way to learn about WordPress theme development.


How does it work?

A WP theme usually consists of a number of files stored in a folder. Two of those files are mandatory:

The first one is functions.php, it is used to define functions, classes, actions and filters to be used by other templates in the theme. It can be used to add features and extend the functionality of both the theme, and the WordPress installation.

The second one is style.css, it stores meta-information and styles.

Both of them have to be present in your site root directory, in order for the site to work.

So, the Argenta Child Theme metafile has the following directive activated: “Parent:argenta”, which makes your WordPress use the Argenta theme files, except the above mentioned ones.

So now you have everything that the theme has to offer, but you use your own functions.php and style.css and those don’t get replaced after an update, which means you never lose your changes.

To make a change to the Child Theme, you need to replace your child theme file with the same one from the parent theme.

There’s the thing: you may edit any file except demo files and settings files, so changing them is pointless, they will get replaced after an update and you will lose your changes.

If you need to add some other settings, you can use ACF Pro.

How to enable ACF Pro: http://colabrio.helpato.com/argenta/article/theme-settings/how-to-turn-acf-pro-on-in-the-dashboard-menu

More info about it: https://www.advancedcustomfields.com/resources/